Thursday, March 27, 2008

Austrian gas stations - part 3

This gas station is called "Tauernalm", it´s on the A10, the freeway that goes across the main alps here in Austria (called "Tauern"), close to the highest point, no less (1340m/4396ft). This is a place of almost perpetual winter. We stopped by there last year on Sept. 7th on our way to youth summer camp (!) in the sunny south of Austria, and there was snow on the ground! A few posts further down there is a picture of a tunnel entry - that's only a few feet from this gas station - and it proves my point about the perpetual winter.
I have an interesting emotional bond to this freeway - it's only about a 160km/100mile stretch - but we used to drive it as a family every Sunday morning and back every Sunday afternoon - 4 kids in the back of a Volvo 740 Diesel - my Dad helped start a church in Salzburg, and we lived in Seeboden / Kärnten - on the other end of said freeway. I remember always enjoying the drive - especially in the winter with the snow everywhere, listening to worship music...

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