Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yesterday was a good day - good for various reasons:
1) Monday is my day off - time to spend with my family.
2) The weather was nice and cool. If you know anything about me, you know I'm REALLY not into hot weather.
3) Hearing about the cool weather forecast, Brenda had one word for me: Mocha!"
Now before you get too excited for us, bear in mind that my first choice for Mochas, Starbucks©, has about 12 locations in Austria, but all of them are in and around Vienna, a 2-plus-hour drive from where we live. So the next best thing - not really a close second - is a place called "The Coffeeshop Company", to which we now have to drive 20 minutes to Linz (Austria's second largest city), since the local franchise sadly closed down. But once we got our hands on that warm paper cup and took the first sip of chocolately caffeinated goodness through that fragile crown of frothy whipped cream topping it didn't really matter that it tasted slightly stale and way, way too sweet - the world for a moment was exactly how it should be. Mocha!

(Attached: The "Coffeeshop Company's" hot drink menu)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

hmmm - my first entry here. I feel like I have changed so much this last year. I used to blog at another place - a lot, always with a lot of pictures. I actually had a following ;) Then we moved to Europe, I thought I would be writing a lot, posting lots of pictures of where I am and what we do etc. But moving to another continent, changing careers, making about 1/2 the money as before all while being responsible for a whole family seems to have drained me more that expected. I really don't know what's next in my life. Maybe I'll write a book. You wouldn't know by reading this, but I can actually be eloquent. m-w.com is my friend. I'm just not sure what exactly to write about, so that's a terrible start. I have a lot to write about from my life so far, but how much can you write about without hurting people's feelings and or careers? I would be kidding myself to think I can somehow change all the names and remain anonymous. I hope noone reads this, at least nobody who knows me. But if you do, let me know. And I hope Christmas comes soon.